Pursuing a transformative cancer treatment with the goal of delivering immune cell therapy faster and more effectively

Our featured technology

Aiming to implement novel CAR-T technologies into the clinic

  • Selectively reducing the expression of key molecules on CAR-T cell

  • Applicable to immune checkpoint receptors and other T cell suppressor molecules

  • Optimized transgene structures and compositions for improving CAR-T cell function

  • No need for additional gene modification steps during the  manufacturing 

  • Adaptable to any CAR-T cell products regardless of tumor antigen specificity or antigen receptor types

Proving the clinical benefits of our novel approach

conventional CAR-T

Reducing the expression of immune checkpoint receptors on CAR-T cell can…

  • Strengthen the activation signal upon tumor specific antigen stimulation

  • Reduce CAR-T cell exhaustion upon continuous T cell activation

  • Increase the persistence of CAR-T cells and the duration of CAR-T cell therapy

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